Fury of the Ocean

 Fury Of The Ocean


Lighthouse beacons shine

on a tumultuous ocean.

Perfect big surfer waves 

crash on the shore

depositing seashells a

collector dreams about.

But there are no surfers or

seashell collectors today.

The beach is deserted.

A hurricane is near.


Vehicles gridlock the

highways out of town as

stubborn residents board up

their windows in preparation.

Torrential rains pummel

the Carolina coastline

while strong winds bend

its coastal palm trees.

A hurricane is here.

K. A. Williams

K. A. Williams has had poems published in Ariel Chart,  Calliope, The Creativity Webzine, Bear Creek Haiku, and Nuthouse Magazine. She also writes fiction, mostly speculative.



  1. our anger pales to the sea when raging against the shores

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