Something Hit My Roof Tonight


Something Hit My Roof Tonight


Something hit my roof tonight.

An awkward owl or bat in flight

might have given me such fright.

I did not go out to look around 

to hunt whatever made that sound

and walk upon the darkened ground.

I went outside at dawn's first light

to see what I had heard last night

before I even ate a bite.

There was a tree limb overhead

my room where I'd been in my bed,

but what had given me such dread?

A possum or raccoon no doubt

had climbed the tree to walk about

along the limb and then fell out

upon the roof but did not stay.

It left to prowl until the day.

One mystery explained away.

K.A. Williams


K. A. Williams has had poems published in Ariel Chart, Calliope, The Creativity Webzine, Bear Creek Haiku, and Nuthouse Magazine. She also writes fiction, mostly speculative.

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