The Himalayas


 The Himalayas


Majestically standing from eras ago

Bowing not to storm or clouds,

Peaks crown this land of ancient,

Abode of gods, they are known to all

Blizzard that buries tallest of spruce,

Frost that numbs the bone to rock,

Shield us from the inimical eyes.

They remain guard on eternal vigil,

Unchanged in currents of time when,

Kingdoms came and went in a blink.

It opens arms to those who forsake

The world without to conquer within,

Unremitting in service, in faith silent,

Sustainer of water with treasured snow

Far away from blemish of man,

It shelters beast and vagrant alike.

Music echoing in solitary peace,

It draws the seekers from lands far.

None par these mountains of old.

Bearing the weight of heavens above,

Unconquered, unmoved, sovereign,

Guiding, illuminating, immortal

Siddharth Sehgal

Siddharth Sehgal is a poet, writer and editor in chief of Indian Periodical.  His work has been previously published in Ariel Chart.



  1. majestic and haunting. no place for a war with china.

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