The watchman

The watchman


The watchman I set long ago

Declares now for you what I saw

And foresaw: dire vision-

A whirlwind from the barren places,

The spoiler despoils- trades in treachery,

While the avaricious feast on flesh

Quaff from mildew-tainted vessels

Looted from the silent ruins

Of the covenant’s holy sanctuary.

See my spectral hand scratch out

Our epitaph upon our wall-

The number of our days,

The damning verdict of the scales,

The names of our noble nemeses;

We may oil our shields and whet our swords

Or vainly flee from the taut-flexed bow

Under the arc, within the compass

Of the intuitive, unerring bolt,

The final, fatal missive

Forthwith profoundly fathomed,

Felling us forward to oblivion.

Meanwhile, the good-holder- winged young sun-

This very hour, bestows with care

Humiliation on the bloated lion.


Steve Lang

Steve Lang has published one collection of poetry to date, entitled, "'Heavenly Hurt".
Steve’s poem, “Raphael” has been nominated by Ariel Chart International Literary Journal for the 2020 Pushcart Poetry Prize. ‘Plum Tree’, ‘Tavern, Grand Little Things’ and ‘Indian Periodical’ have also published Steve’s work this year and ‘Founder’s Favourites’ and ‘BeznCo’ will feature his work shortly. Though from Scotland originally, Steve has travelled widely, especially in Africa and currently lives in El Salvador with his wife and three children, where he is Director of a large and well-known international school.


  1. i prefer the classic sense you display in the work. i will seek out more of voice.

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