Fear of Sound

Fear of Sound


I close my eyes to the sound

of the train, crushing the track.

My heart beats in a strange rhythm

to the shriek of the wind across my face.

The TV comes up with sweet faces,

which voice profanities that embed

into my brains. I live with the

clamorous sound of silence,

whispering inanities every time

Morpheus remembers me.

Every eye is closed

to the dark, but I stare

at the ceiling,

awaiting the murmurs.



Padmini Krishnan



Padmini Krishnan is from India and currently resides in Singapore. She writes haiku, free verse poetry, and short stories. Her works have appeared in Writing in a Woman's Voice, Under the Basho, Terror House Magazine, CafeLit, and Plum Tree Tavern among others. Her e-chapbook was recently published in Proletaria.



  1. documenting trauma is a trauma onto itself, but art and therapy are worthy goals.

    1. It is a fictitious account of trauma suffered by the narrator. Indeed, therapy is a worthy goal. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

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