She wakes up at midnight

to the sound of cooing,

Her half-closed eyes miss

the empty cribs next to her,

one blue and the other pink,

creaking to the sound of

each other. Her tee-shirt soaked,

she strains her ears to the sound

of crying, gurgling and cooing noises

above and below her floor.

Her eyes lit up at a tiny whining

Sound three floors below

and she hugs her hands

to her chest, averting

her eyes to the empty cribs,

one blue and the other pink

singing to each other.

 Padmini Krishnan



Padmini Krishnan is from India and currently resides in Singapore. She writes haiku, free verse poetry, and short stories. Her works have appeared in Writing in a Woman's Voice, Under the Basho, Terror House Magazine, CafeLit, and Plum Tree Tavern among others. Her e-chapbook was recently published in Proletaria.



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