Dance, Ballerina


Dance Ballerina



                Dance, swirl, breathe—


A thousand eyes follow

the splendid, silent movement

of her flexible body, her flow


                She closes her eyes


The music is within her soul—

she not only hears it in her ears,

but she feels it in her veins


Adrenaline rushes through her toes,

her fingertips,

racing toward her heart

as she lifts a foot and arm

Twirling across the stage,

 she flexes and waves


                She’s wound up


like a ballerina atop a music box

her mother gave her

Graceful and beautiful,

a gift to her audience,

an idea of freeness and light


The creak of the floor cries

an anthem to her charm

“A free spirit,” they say,

yet she knows this is her only way

to feel

the beauty of the sound of music,

to quiet her grief,

silence the beast,

giving her time to live


                now, within this moment


When her body is motionless

images flood her mind

of that night—


She was innocent,


still a child

Now, she’s filled

with shame and guilt


             It wasn’t her fault


Her dress, a ruffled white lace,

yet she sees herself bare

when the music doesn’t play


If she looks, she sees

torn clothing on the ground,

his wounded ego,

her bruised thighs


When the music begins each time,

she’s Perfect,




                She glides


as a pure white swan on mirrored lakes,

                        leaving a trail of elegance and grace



Sinthia Steel Smith


Sinthia Steel Smith is an emerging poet and writer. At an early age, she began writing and used poetry as an outlet to process her grief over injustice and emotional pain. When Sinthia finally realized she has a voice that could help others, she began submitting her work to literary journals and magazines. Aiming to bring light into the hidden things and expose despicable monsters who sometimes live nearer than you think. Her poem "Held Hostage" was published in Unlimited Literature Magazine’s first print issue (2020) and more of her work is forthcoming online and in print. Several of her essays and flash fiction have been chosen as a finalist in numerous contests over the last few years. To help her continue her writing, please support Sinthia on Patreon at


  1. i must say it is pleasant to have movement in poetry and many times poems do not care to make a more creative structure. well done.

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