To Those Who Die on the Street


To Those Who Die on the Street


A gibbous moon is glaring in the night,

and those who die on the street

are carried away on its empty, concrete

rivers down the main concourses

and back by alleyways parted

and fanned by fugitives. For them, no blood.

No bones. No first borns. And no arms to sling

them out of this river. But occasionally,

when unrest sweeps up the city,

and buildings burn, a fire is lit by night,

and the pillars of each buildings’ skeleton

stand by day.


 Andrew Hanson


Andrew Hanson is a native of Florida, and he took an interest in writing and literature and recently completed studies at UCL in London. He now lives in Miami, where among other things he works at a law firm, fishes on weekends, enjoys photography, lifts weights, and voraciously reads history, philosophy, and poetry. He has recently been accepted by the Broadkill Review, the Bookend Review, the Ekphrastic Review, Ariel Chart, Thirty West and more


  1. i might be getting spoiled but this is why i come to this journal for this quality. very well done.

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