May Your New Year..


May Your New Year..



Untie with hope every knot of fear-filled chills,


Heal with light and miracles the darkest of ills,


Soften with love silted spots in the soul's folds crinkling,


Kiss away wintry moods with sweetest lilac sprinkling,


Gild with lyrical beauty and verses longings of the heart


Dispel loneliness with company that will never part


Spark the soul with wildfires of travel adventure


Slake the thirst for romance with true love's quencher


Break with the spirit of fortitude all shackles and chains,


Until within you no unlived life remains.



Jana Begovic


 Jana Begovic is a poet, writer, novelist, multiple award-nominee and senior editor of Ariel Chart.


  1. Lovely Jana....bien hecho...and Happy New Year!

  2. we need a boost this new year to get going in the positive direction. this poem will in that regard.

  3. yip yip poetry for my heart in a year already skidding off the tracks.

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