Let It Be

Let It Be



Everything is temporary.

We’re just passing through.

Why fear the unknown,

When it’s really just something new?

Trying to find some common ground,

relative to a bigger whole.

I’m not feeling my body,

Wishing I could touch your soul.

Don’t believe in oblivion,

energy lasts forever.

Guide the wind,

and fly away.

Return when you choose.

A heart beats.

A soul yearns,

seeking to meld into the mystic sun.

Find the ultimate understanding.

No more wonder,

guessing and hoping.

The journey has taken hold and risen

to another level.

Rest for a moment

and enjoy the view. 

The mind exists to search this new frontier.

Who knows if it is a respite,

or a lasting home. 

If we could channel our muse,

there would be less to confuse.

Breathe in the weightless air.

Float in the quiet ocean.

The madness can no longer affect you.

Up and down the water moves you,

a tiny ripple in a wave.

Smile and know the water is your friend.

Rest in peace.

Nothing will ever harm you again.



Robert Pegel


Robert Pegel is a father and husband who lost his only son four years ago.  Calvin was 16 and died in his sleep of unknown causes.  Robert turned to writing poetry in an effort tomake sense of the unimaginable. He hopes his writing might serve as inspiration or help others process their loss and suffering.  Robert graduated from Columbia Universitywhere he majored in English. 

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