A Heart of Darkness Keeping Me Cool


A Heart of Darkness Keeping Me Cool


There i was again,

On the check-out at work again.

Today, just like so many others

In this nice out of the way shop,

The crowd came and went, each


“How are you dealing with the heat?”

The answer was simple.

“I ain’t,” I’d respond and then if

They probed any further i’d tell them

Just how i coped with the damn

Infernal heat.

“I pull my curtains shut, open the

Window and strip down to my

Boxers smoking more grass just

To keep me ticking along”

“Ah,” one of my colleagues

Exclaimed, “you are the heart

Of darkness!” to which I said

Nothing at all as he was probably

Half-right as I have no heart.



Bradford Middleton


Bradford Middleton lives in Brighton, UK.  He is the author of 4 chapbooks of poems, the last two available from Analog Submission Press, and has work featured in a whole host of places including Newington Blue’s recent Bukowski @100 anthology, a Local Gems Press anthology celebrating Walt Whitman, literary journals such as Chiron Review and Evening Street Review, zines such as Razur Cuts and Paper & Ink and online, most recently in Bond Street Review, Piker Press, Poetry Life & Times, Yellow Mama and Mad Swirl.

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