Masses of snow

crunchy and picturesquely slushy,

deep and treacherous,

grainy and loose,

shatter like broken glasses

on the remotely towering hills.


There are snowflakes ensconced in

each layer of the season,

you can’t tell which layer is

frosting the heart.

Big dumps of snow,

a hard freeze, loose and powdery

now washing out the

cold-blooded, pachydermatous

pegs on the skin.


Snow slopes are loyal to

destructive jiffy

under the sun’s apathy,

they don’t make love,

yet they glide in the winter months.

under the sun’s warmth,

they dissipate like

white chocolate melts on

the bronzed lava cake of the spring.


Spring or Autumn,

it moves across the terrain,

it uproots the gripping trees and

discards them into piles of debris,

and fractures the

mass of bones in the body to create


It’s Avalanche!



Nidhi Agrawal


Nidhi Agrawal is an Ex- Communication Designer with five years of extensive experience across media, entertainment and design space with several organizations. Nidhi is interested in poetry, arts and culture, health and intriguing subjects like Neuroscience. She has been awarded the title of “The Inspiring Alumnus List of the Decade” by her school in 2019 and her story was accepted by Women's Web, South Asian Today and women for one.

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