Spring Comes (A Countryside Vista)

Spring Comes (A Countryside Vista)


Spring arrives and the sun rises and suddenly

the garden is my friend.

There is a cool breeze permeating just to remind me it's still only late March but for me this is near perfect.

For at last I can venture out without fear of freezing or heat-stroke as I leave the living room with its raging inferno of fire and ash.

I'm set free to sit as the cool breeze blows back and forth leaving me alone, happy at last in this home away from home.

All around me I look and gaze at the scene laid out, all chickens, greenery and countryside sounds and no people anywhere.

It's a blessed relief from inner-city life where people rule but out here in le Creuse we're outnumbered and I love it.

I joke with the chickens 'je suis en pescaterian' I tell them, 'you have nothing to fear' as my mood grows jovial without the aid of beer.

Lunch will be in a short while so I should go and offer help and then, this afternoon if it doesn’t rain, a return to the garden and words inspired by visuals I so rarely get to see.

Bradford Middleton


Bradford Middleton lives in Brighton, UK.  He is the author of 4 chapbooks of poems, the last two available from Analog Submission Press, and has work featured in a whole host of places including Newington Blue’s recent Bukowski @100 anthology, a Local Gems Press anthology celebrating Walt Whitman, literary journals such as Chiron Review and Evening Street Review, zines such as Razur Cuts and Paper & Ink and online, most recently in Bond Street Review, Piker Press, Poetry Life & Times, Yellow Mama and Mad Swirl.


  1. this has a beautiful tone to it like spring waking up the natural surroundings.

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