The Morning


The Morning



  The morning sun's shimmering rays filter through my window, awakening me in warm caress from a deep slumber.  Slowly my eyes open to an array of shadows cast upon the wall as they dance and sway their morning greeting.

  Stretching, I yawn, wiggle my toes and curl back into a ball beneath the blankets, where I feel snug, nestled within a cocoon.

  I am not yet ready for the morning, dreamland still beckons.  

 My eyelids flutter in a weak attempt to open again, I squeeze them tightly shut, "for who will fly the dragon and save the day if I've awoken?"

  Alas, I feel the dream world start to slip away in the morning sounds outside.  I hear the steady hum of a car engine starting, the rumble of a school bus pass by; birds begin their morning song accompanied by the throaty vocals of tree frogs, excited to chirp along.

 With a sigh, reluctant to leave my reverie behind, I stretch once more and my feet find the floor.

Suddenly, I am now aware of a most delectable aroma filling the air- the divine smell of coffee. 

 Smiling, I make my way to the kitchen and pour a cup; sipping the pure sweetness of morning, I ponder in reflection, the sights, sounds and smells of morning and remember why I love it so...

Besides, the dream world is never truly far behind me, I'm a writer- my whole world is one of reverie, no matter the time of day.

 So I take another sip, and wish the morning a good one...


Lynn Long 

Lynn Long

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  1. beautiful and positive we need more of this work

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