In My Woods, One Snowy Evening


\ In My Woods, One Snowy Evening



I lay in woods, silenced by snow,

fierce hunger gnaws, icy winds blow.

Perusing lane which runs nearby,

awaiting hunt’s adagio.


Winter’s bitter alkali

tastes acrid in a mouth gone dry;

starved of prey I’m desperate,

‘til heady scent of horse draws nigh.


Haunches twitch, I salivate,

and faintest whine does consecrate

this lonely hunt on longest night,

rapacity to satiate.


But equine’s not alone; bedight

with Man aback, fell parasite.

When harness bells chime with head’s shake,

dread banishes my appetite.


Mean tension causes joints to ache.

I watch them through each falling flake:

no fear have they, and calm abide,

between my wood and frozen lake.


I’ll wait for less fierce prey, and bide

my time ‘til other time, betide;

leave dark desire unsatisfied.

Leave dark desire unsatisfied.



David M. Hoenig



David is a multiclass surgeon/writer with the "time management" feat. He's had stories published with GrimDark Magazine, Flame Tree Publishing, Cast of Wonders, Ariel Chart, and others. He has published a novel-told-through-surreal-verse-and-art with Oscillate Wildly Press, called "Queen To His King". He is editing his first novel (sci fi), at somewhat slower than the speed of light. He's also a soul-gem carrying member of the HWA.


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