Stop Literary Magazines From Excluding Americans

I do not understand.


Excluding writers based on nationality is utter hogwash.


A flood of submissions should be considered a blessing; not a curse.


In America we have thousands of markets and do not exclude any nationality.


Could you not bring on volunteers to have read more submissions?


Could you not adjust policy to welcome all but reserve the right to make your home country entries a priority?


What message are you sending to the American writer?


We are too lazy to read your work.


We are too prejudice to consider your voice


We are too selfish to see beyond our noses.


I do not understand.



  1. SSGT Larry CogswellJuly 18, 2021 at 1:54 AM

    i worry for the world when America is continually disrespected. this form of bigotry cannot be tolerated.

  2. dear leaders of Wimptopia are you jealous of American genius.

  3. how is this even possible in an age of supposedly wokeness?

  4. sadly anti-americanism is a common refrain in the world. we here at Ariel have to deal with it at times, strangely some writers do not even view it as a bigotry. But judging someone negatively on their nationality is a prejudice. As for wokeness it's merely a political non-word that means nothing. Hatred and ignorance can only be addressed with education and direct confrontation. anything less is allowing the bully to walk away from the courtyard to hurt someone else. MAR

  5. the usual bash america nonsense. we heard this from australia a few years ago now they are spending half billion dollars to defend their island from chinese aggression. yesterday we were dumb ass americans, today please send helicopters. america is not perfect but when your ass is in trouble, who you going to call: France?

    1. thanks for the support over the years. this public notice was not about anti americanism in general, no matter how ugly and unproductive, but rather about the literary world taking a position that amounts to naked discrimination. That is all. The publication is in England and last i checked its government hasn't asked for the 13 colonies to be returned. Until that day let's stay on track with literature and steer from disposable politics. Remember the poetry of ancient Egypt lasted thousands of years but no one could tell you anything about the politics on the streets of Alexandria. Like flatulence in the wind -- it blows away.

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