Strength To Be Human Literary Podcast --- Season 3 Episode 211 -- Interview With Heather Cooke

Heather Cooke. Canadian writer, wrote the essay "Leaving Us: In Loving Memory of Aaron" and the life and premature death of her only son, Aaron. Leaving Us remained #1 on the Top Reader list for Ariel Chart and became is most read nonfiction published work in the history of the journal.

May this interview give us strength and courage in the darkest times when the seemingly easy paths are actually the hardest choices. And Love and Sacrifice echo the best of the humanity during the least favorable moments.

"the story is truly haunting but this podcast gives voice to humanity and dignity to writers..."
Harry Afil

"i can sincerely say this is the first podcast that made me hug my children."
Alyson Noiles

"my family took notice because the host is not a sentimental person in the slightest, he is a serious artist who worries about the human condition. And I agree with him on this show, the sacrifice and courage of this young man is an act of Love with the power to awaken this world."
Simon Quinones


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  1. SSGT Larry CogswellJuly 26, 2021 at 8:06 PM

    yes i tend to lie about my emotions to appear tough, but no tough guy can listen to this show and not wonder how to remain strong in the face of loss. I know soldiers with medals who were less brave than Aaron. I salute his courage and pray his family finds peace in his heavenly destination.

  2. your word is good with me and i will listen to this show. thanks editor for seeking out sincerity in a plastic world. you give me hope on the days that look dark.

  3. Chap. Ernst HomsteadJuly 26, 2021 at 8:24 PM

    i humbly pray for the family and reflect upon my own that though we know not the mysteries of God, that we still find purpose and strength in the lessons of their living as well as their passing.

  4. cannot pretend i understand any of this from a personal perspective i am not yet a parent. Love is the force that makes us stronger. I hear that in this episode. Love and Courage.

  5. only a mother could love the way this woman loved her son. it makes me believe in God on the cloudy days.

  6. listened in parts, it's deeply moving revelation of mother love and father's dignity. such bravery and compassion.

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