The Rainstorm


The Rainstorm

distant lightning

for a while in my room

the bush shadows

heavy thunder

on bent tree branches

horrendous sounds


each curved plant carries

a part of the rainbow


Samo Kreutz



Samo Kreutz lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Besides poetry (which he has been writing since he was eight years old), he writes novels, short stories and haiku. He is the author of nine books (three of them are poetry books), all published by the Ekslibris, publishing house in Ljubljana. His recent work has appeared on international websites (and journals), such as Wales Haiku Journal, Under the Basho, Taj Mahal Review, Poetry Pea, Jalmurra: Art & Poetry Journal, Haiku Commentary, Frameless Sky: Art Video Journal, First Literary Review- East, Dwelling Literary, Creatrix Haiku and Poetry Journal, Asahi Haikuist Network, Akita International Haiku Network, and others. 


  1. Excellent work. That last stanza is amazing ans truly poetic.

  2. I am delighted you have read and commented my poem so nicely. Thank you, Linda.

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