White, Warm Sheets



White, Warm Sheets


in my white warm sheets asleep

underneath my woolly blankets



o’ what a desperate person she is

and though

she pulls away my pillow


i will not wake just yet

i want to sleep

a little longer


dream, dream, dream



Donald Dean Mace


Donald Dean Mace is an artist, poet, guitarist and freelance writer living and working quietly in Yuma, Arizona.  He has travelled the world extensively (Europe, Africa and Asia) and in the 1980’s and 1990’s he lived and worked in Germany for a total of 10 years.  He is currently working on a novel.  He has been published by Ariel Chart, the Yuma Daily Sun, the Arizona Western College Literary Magazine, and his poetry was featured in a public service broadcast.  He is Pushcart Award nominee for poetry and he was a guest on Mark Antony Rossi’s podcast, Strength to be Human.


  1. The economy of words really enhances the desperation of the emotion within this poem.

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