I Saw My Ex on LinkedIn


I Saw My Ex on LinkedIn


Your picture popped up today

and your hair looks different.

It’s smooth and frames your face,

in a professional way,

Since you’re a VP of marketing now.

When I knew you,

you were a vagabond musician,

equipped with a fro of fire and

anyone could spot you from a mile away,

a dot of rust among the multitudes

and cacophony of Hollywood Boulevard

with icy blue eyes

cold like a lie.

All those moments

flood my mind,

tangled sheets

and soft laughter,

lips grazing,

inhaling your exhale,

so much fiction and warmth.

But, there was nothing like the frigid spike

of your betrayal

after so much truth.



Nicole Bird


Nicole's career began with a degree in Creative Writing. Her focus then shifted to garnering degrees in Film Production and Screenwriting. Afterwards, Nicole worked in film, while writing and producing her own short films. Now, Nicole works as a Creative Writing professor and is currently at work on a collection of poetry, as well as honing her gluten free baking skills developed during the 2020 quarantine.


  1. girl, you must be a good writer for this scenario. i would have kicked his butt.

  2. the bravest of writers go in grace where others fear to thread.

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