Lighting Lamps


Lighting Lamps



Through long ages church bells

tolled across roofs and over still fields,

and down into the busy streets


with the certainty that the teachings tolled

persisted in the minds of the good,

and the bad, the faithful and the faith lost,


but now as social media defiantly shouts out

new truths and condemns those who doubt

the coming of a more just world, if we are


standing astride the ridge of changing time,

have we acquired the new wisdom to know that

we are not just swapping new lamps for old?


Anthony Wade

Anthony Wade, a Forward Prize nominee, is a graduate lawyer with a Master’s Degree, an Irish national educated in England who also worked in The Netherlands. He has published poems in Ariel Chart, Borderless, Boyne Berries, Drawn To The Light, Dreich, Green Ink, MonthsToYears, Lakeview International Literary Journal, Scrittura Magazine, Setu

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