The Unworkable Puzzle?



The Unworkable Puzzle?


When introspection goes awry.


the thinking tease of deep consideration,

scratching the brain.


The wrecked development of once lucid plans

by poisonous clumps of stacked thoughts, piled askew,

compulsive spiral schemes developed

to bring forth mad truths that are not actually truths. 



indecisive trudges back and forth, 

born of buzzing restlessness.



Repeated attendance

to details that were already long concluded,


now once again not completed.


Caustic enticements, 

obsessive notions held tightly by meshed rigor.

Weedy stragglers,

clogging passageways of thought,

strengthening obstacles, 

and causing withering deflation to what might work.


We must find our way 

past becoming redundant, sullen customers 

in the shops of sorrow,

selling cloaks of collective misery,

while brooding on negative events.


We must stop and weigh

all our options for moving forward,

close doors to what has never worked,

pull all other choices into the light of day,

so that no more doubts can be obscured by shadows.


 Linda Imbler 


Examples of Linda’s poetry and a listing of publications can be found at  When not writing, Linda is an avid reader, classical guitar player, and a practitioner of both Yoga and Tai Chi.  In, addition, she helps her husband, a Luthier, build acoustic guitars.  She lives in Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A.  She enjoys her 200-gallon saltwater reef tank wherein resides her 21 year old yellow tang.  Linda’s published paperback poetry collections include Big Questions, Little Sleep,  Big Questions, Little Sleep: Second Edition, Lost and Found, Red Is The Sunrise, and Bus Lights, Travel Sights: Nashville and Back. She has four e-books published by Soma Publishing;  The Sea’s Secret Song, Pairings, which is a hybrid ebook of short fiction and poetry, That Fifth Element, and Per Quindecim. Linda has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and has five Best Of The Net nominations.   


  1. philosophy inside a poem is like actually getting a good piece of wisdom in a fortune cookie, it's a double treat. thank heaven people still believe in something beyond their eyes.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments, Lani. I appreciate you reading my work.

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