All This for Nothing


All This for Nothing


Tomorrow, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow,

until we die,

to be old,

and be ugly,

to stop to see,

to stop to hear,

and then to stop to be.


(Translated from Russian by Ivan de Monbrison)


 Ivan de Monbrison


Ivan de Monbrison is a poet and artist born in Paris in 1969. His next book of poems in Russian and English Faceless / Без лица is to be released in 2021 in Canada. 

He has been published in various literary journals, among them : The Harvard Advocate (USA) , The Minetta Review (USA) , La Mula Blanca (Mexico), The Lighthouse (UK), Structo (UK) Copper Nickel (South Africa), Gargouille (Australia), The Translational (Germany), Le Journal des poètes (Belgium), Po&sie (France), Arpa (France),  Contempary verse 2 (Canada), Il Segnale (Italy), The Aleph Review (Pakistan). 


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