Lady Hawk



Lady Hawk

Supplication for Transmutation to become a cebolla, a desert bloom, anything to subsist this solar plexus of self-blame...can't exist anymore as human woman anymore...cannot breathe stifling unsure...better to to be a Hawk, a predator than be predated upon.

Soaring down, screeching to collect my rations of Scorpions and Snakes easier to ingest than narrow-minded hypocrite judgements, my inhuman voice now intractable to avoid counterfeit extrapolations, I Despise Lies, Go tell your Envoys and Spies, Must take to the skies, cannot acquiesce or remit to Smarmy, pseudo-concerned judgements of Sanity Cease your Block on my Destiny's Sky, I Will Swoop Down and Cause Calamity, Beware the Sharpness...these are newly born talons.


This poem was first published in Down in the Direct Magazine.

Hope Vigil-Alvarez


Hope Vigil-Alvarez is an American poet from Southern California.  Publishing credits include Birdsong Anthology (Volume 1) May 2016, Not My President Anthology by Madness Muse Press December 2016, Dissident Voice February 2017, and Scars Publications September 2020


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