Stranded Too Long


Stranded Too Long


Wandered through this Desert so Long Drank Mirage fountains

Choked down so much sand…

if you hand me water

And I knock it out of your hand,


I've been stranded Too Long…

It may take a while for me to know what is Real,

Sometimes I just want to lay down…

Close my eyes...and wait for the wind

To blow me Away


Hope Vigil-Alvarez


Hope Vigil-Alvarez is an American poet from Southern California.  Publishing credits include Birdsong Anthology (Volume 1) May 2016, Not My President Anthology by Madness Muse Press December 2016, Dissident Voice February 2017, and Scars Publications September 2020


  1. in brevity the keen artist can say so much more

    1. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. This is actually one of my short poems. I appreciate your ideas so much

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