Song for Owen Meany


Song for Owen Meany



Space seems a dark, empty place.

Nature seems, at best, neutral about our survival—

So when one says they trust God,

they mean nature & the universe,

in the widest of strokes,

not especially personally,

but over-arching, overall,

as a never stagnant process,

always dancing to some imponderable musics

we can barely perceive.

If Einstein is right that

it's a beneficent world

how can I argue? I mean,

we CAN argue, for all the good

it may do us or anything else.

No, I prefer to trust,

because it relaxes my overwrought

body, mind and feelings.

It lets me breathe properly,

from the inside out, instead of

being bombarded externally

like by space debris,

no longer guided or useful.

I'm prepared, don't worry;

but nothing must distract me from

the responsibility of self-care

that owning one's life requires.

Out of gratitude, one finally does so, to preserve one's strength or life force,

to conserve a little time and some lovely experiences.

Harshness will come, worried, or not,

and now NOT seems so much more

pleasant and sacred, like life itself.


Susan Beverly

Susan Beverly's Masters in Liberal Arts launched her full-time writing, art, music & consulting career for Sweetspot Arts & Wellness in Maryland. She works in all genres and many art forms, sharing how creativity is key to health & happiness. Reach her at or by text at 443.944.4762 Susan Beverly is a longtime Ariel Chart fan, who publishes with us often.


  1. life is better with lyrical understanding and an open heart. love this one.

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