Briony Imagines


 Briony Imagines


A Question Poem

"When you already have all you want, your desire for it vanishes."

If I were to make collages

like I used to—

ones of flowers, animals, women, gods;

or poetry of pain, pleasure, men & nature--

If I were to travel hundreds of miles

as I used to easily do--

to hear you recite, sing, act, or see you dance;

or invite you into my gently created home--

If you'd let me into your flat,

out of the lonely cold--

instead of wanting elsewhere;

or never being satisfied by anyone's devotion--

If I were to make a start again,

easily, as I always did--

With art, writing, music;

or with a heart open to love--

Would it all go back/ to how it used to be?--

Before plagues and tyrants,

corporations and faceless friends;

could we all stop feeling like

invisible lepers and touch again?

I have such piercing doubts. 

Susan Beverly


Susan Beverly's Masters in Liberal Arts launched her full-time writing, art, music & consulting career for Sweetspot Arts & Wellness in Maryland. She works in all genres and many art forms, sharing how creativity is key to health & happiness. Reach her at or by text at 443.944.4762 Susan Beverly is a longtime Ariel Chart fan, who publishes with us often


  1. child, this writing has the spin of the sixties. we could use some of that spirit around here.

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