Musings Upon a River


Musings Upon a River


The river flowed with faceless indifference,

In a rhythm that seemed to be

Chiseled into time and space.

The crests and troughs of its waves,

Reminded him of his life, of its swells,

Buoyancy of passion, growth, and bliss, and

Its plummets into despair and dissolution.

Memories coloured with melancholy

Rose before his spiritual eye and

Gazing at the river,

He felt the inexorable hand of time

Emptying out his moments

In the direction of no return.


Reprinted from the anthology As Darkness Falls, published by 300 South Media Group, July 2021


Jana Begovic


As far back as she can remember, Jana has been fascinated by storytelling. Her love of reading and writing propelled her toward studies of languages and literature resulting in B.A. degrees in English and German Languages and Literature, an M.A. Degree in Literary Criticism, as well as a B.Ed. Degree in English and Dramatic Arts.


Among her publications are academic articles published by Cambridge Scholars, UK, and the Journal for Distinguished Language Study, USA, the novel Poisonous Whispers, published by Roane Publishing, N.Y., poetry, short fiction, articles, art reviews, and blog posts featured in literary journals, such as Ariel Chart, Chantwood, the Pangolin Review, Abstract, Canada Fashion Magazine and Authors Publish (Facebook page). Her short story, Purveyors of Magic appeared in the December 2020 issue of The Black Shamrock, and her short story 2148 was published in September 2020 in the anthology Thin Places, by Broken Keys Publishing (winner of the Best Year Award in the Ottawa Faces Magazine), Sunset Rain by 300 South Media Group, and her poetry was featured in the, “As Darkness Falls”, published by 300 South Media Group. She also contributed an inspirational poem to the Thoughts and Prayers anthology published in November 2020. She acts as a senior editor for Ariel Chart and contributing editor/writer for the Canada Fashion Magazine. She has been nominated for the 2019 Best of the Net and the PushCart awards for a piece of non-fiction and a short story published in Ariel Chart. In addition, she was the first runner-up with an honourable mention in the Oyster Art Flash Fiction Contest of March 2021.

 She lives in Ottawa, Ontario and works for the Government of Canada as an education specialist in the field of military language training.

 She can be contacted via her Author Page at


  1. "Buoyancy of passion, growth, and bliss," Excellent.

  2. Wonderful imagery. Traveling upriver is a classic metaphor in literature, from Heart of Darkness to Apocalypse Now.

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