Heavy hay expressions harvesting torment

Through unchanged bandaged hues

Amputating detachment amidst flames of fiery passion

Licking the surface of frenzied bile temperament

Nicotine-stained calamity and pus yellow putrescence

Straw yellow suns amidst corn yellow skies

Above mustard meadows harbouring xanthic foliage

Caustic paint decaying daffodils forlornly immersive

Amidst jaundiced landscapes in portrait

Sandy seas of sodium towns,

Brimming with life beyond death.



Anthony Ward 


Anthony chooses to write because he has no choice. He writes to get rid of himself and lay his thoughts to rest. He derives most of his inspiration from listening to Classical Music and Jazz since it is often the mood which invokes him. He has recently been published in Jerry Jazz Musician, Synchronized Chaos, Literary Yard, Mad Swirl, Shot Glass Journal and Sledgehammer Lit.


  1. "Above mustard meadows harbouring xanthic foliage " My favorite image in this poem.

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