I’m trying to find my way out of the darkness

Around hills and plains, feeling disheartened

I’m praying to forget you while hoping to change you 

I know you don’t want me but my God I desire you

I lament over what we had

Watching it come and go 

and I try not to show 

How disheveled you have me 

When you don’t even love me 

How messed up is it 

That you don’t even love me 



Dominique Fields

Dominique is a writer of many types. Having already self-published a mental health book, currently, she is working on her second novel. With a tremendous passion for reading, you can find Dominique spending most of her free nights indoors reading an enthralling thriller or romance book.


  1. captured the power of wanting someone and the pain when they do not want you back.

  2. It feels very real, the pain, the disappointment, the bewilderment of love not reciprocated. Great poem.

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