About Loving


About Loving



I have died

A little

Enough times

To know

That death

Is here

To remind us

About living

About loving


I have

The highest regards

For Death

He and I

Are old friends

Every day

We meet

At the morning coffee

Exchanging high fives

And the latest news

I sometimes ask

What’s the point

Of all this

Or when

I might die…

He waves his hand



And asks me

To fuck off

Live my life


Makes me happy


So I do…

He will be back

For me

Soon enough



Until then…

I will love you

Iike there’s

No tomorrow…

Until Death

Do us part


And even then

We won’t care


Means nothing

To us


Felicia Hernø


Felicia Hernø holds a Master of Military Studies degree from the Danish Defence College in Copenhagen, and is currently working in one of NATO’s headquarters in Mons, Belgium. When she is not busy writing military point papers, she likes to write or create poems into art pieces about love, life and philosophy. So far her poems can be found on Instagram under Poemsbyfe


  1. woman with a voice is who we need to hear more of in the world. welcome, feliicia

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