O Divine Creator



O Divine Creator



Nia:wen* for the earth and land

home of child, woman, man

of our Kenien’kahaka* clan

O Divine Creator


Nia:wen for the water ways

by which we traveled in our days

resplendant in the sunlight’s rays

O Divine Creator


Nia:wen for the air and light

that gives us breath and guides our sight

the sun by day, the moon by night

O Divine Creator


Nia:wen for the life I live

for all I have to share and give

for all my clan, my relatives

O Divine Creator



*Nia:wen (NEEah’ wen) means thank you


*Ka nien kahaka (ka NEEN kah HAW kah) means People of the Flint, more commonly known as the Mohawk.  Their society revolves around the clan they belong to, every member of which is considered family. Every Mohawk clan originates from a common female ancestor



1.      Catherine Somerton


Catherine is a Canadian living in Kemptville, Ontario almost an hour south of Ottawa. She has always identified strongly with the marginalized because of her dyspraxia and ADHD. These conditions haven't limited her love of learning and writing, however. She is presently working on a middle school novel with the Institute for Writers, and is very grateful to her instructor/editor Nancy Coffelt.  In addition to her writing program, Catherine has obtained certificates in Indigenous Studies and the Global Arctic through Coursera. She hopes to begin applying what she has learned through community service in the near future.

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