Smiling Inside


Smiling Inside


Smiling inside

I get rid of all the tears for you,

I let them fall

when your name is mentioned everywhere,

I let them fall

when your ring tone

wakes up memories of time gone.


I let them fall

when winter blues take over me

like an old tight coat,

I let them fall

but smiling inside,

smiling inside…


For those days we strolled hand in hand by the shore,

for those laughs caressing my throat while I was scared.

for those sweet eyes looking at me like I’m a star in someone’s world.


Smiling inside,

smiling inside for the gift of living,

smiling to thank life for having you until now,

smiling inside cos crying for love means having it once.

Smiling inside with your sad eyes locked forever in my heart.


But smiling inside,

like sunset smiles while dying until tomorrow;

smiling inside

like red leaves smile in any autumn walk;

smiling inside.

What a deep sad smile!



Maria Alda Gomez Otero



Maria is a Spanish poet residing in the UK. She writes in Spanish, English and also writes bilingual poems. Ariel Chart is her first publishing credit.


  1. What a beautiful poem. I identify with the sadness of loss and the help of good memories to overcome it.

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