Show Me the Meaning


Show Me the Meaning


Life’s aim, do you hide?

My pursuit has no relent

Lasting til’ I die.


Narrate my dream,

Created out of darkness.

Drive from void’s glean.


The stories we tell

Of human experience,

Scorn us when we quail.


Tragedies prouder,

Existential is my soul.

Echoing louder:


Show me the meaning.

Show me the meaning.


 Scott Cravens


Scott Cravens is a short story writer from Arkansas, and is based in Oklahoma where he teaches literature at the secondary level. Currently, he is a graduate student of writing at Johns Hopkins University. His work has been featured or is forthcoming in various publications: Ariel Chart International Literary Journal, CafeLit Magazine, The Periodical Forlorn, The Amethyst Review, and Danse Macabre


  1. "Life’s aim, do you hide?" We are all looking for the meaning. We do look at dreams, stories, and tragedy to try to find answers. Well done.

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