Uganda, September 27th 2017


Uganda, September 27th 2017


Charles the driver - obedient as usual - parks

In front of the supermarket on the outskirts of Kampala,

Watches as I go to the cash register and pay ten thousands Shillings

For a small can of kitten food which I had promised to bring Muzung & Kibog.


With this amount of money - his dark eyes rebuke me - I could have

Fed my wife and two kids today, and would have enough

Change left in my pocket to also buy a

Much needed medication.



Efy Halperin


Efy Halperin is a 68 year old physician & the former director of the Infectious Diseases Unit in Bikur-Cholim Hospital. He lives in the heart of Jerusalem and likes to spend time with his two grandsons, long-distance running / walking, and writing. Since 2017 he volunteers in a unique project- "Israeli Medicine on the Equator", and tries to reduce the burden of Non-Communicable Diseases - with emphasis on Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension - in Kiboga district, Uganda.Uganda, September 27th 2017 

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