Tears of God


Tears of God


Flung across the heavens by God, an invocation for the time left to our saddened world. The crystalline cathedral of light, a cascade of optical waves bending their way through the darkening sky, is God’s benediction and his hope for his beloved creations.

Cuidate, cuidate. 

Take care, take care of my world, my creatures! I made you in my image and I have sent you sign, after sign, after sign.

Cuidate, cuídate.

Take care, take care of your world my people, I will not make you another.

I sent a great flood and gave you rainbows. Each colour a different wavelength, each beam refracted by the atmosphere, the great overarching, all-embracing, enveloping atmosphere that I created, and gave to you, that you may stay safe from harm. The extraordinary atmosphere that I articulated with all my divine art, the atmosphere that keeps you from the chilling, killing, cold of space. The atmosphere that you are quickly spoiling, sabotaging, and obliterating.

Oh my children you are paining me, oh my favourite children, you children of the earth.

All the chemistry and physics, each tiny atom and each vast ocean, all made by my great hand, all made with you in mind.

So take heed. I am sending you a message, it is written in the constellations, it is echoed by the single stars that sing, who, in chorus, are the sound of angel's wings. 

El sonido de las alas de los angeles. Oh mis queridas, oh mis queridos.

Oh my darlings, oh my darlings, hark the hosts of heaven lighting up your nighttime sky. I send a favoured Angel as my messenger. 

‘Ariel take Flight!’

And so it was, that the Lion of Heaven flew down to earth, and on his journey, he caught one of God's stars in his great leonine jaws.

We must take heed, we must listen to this messenger, this fearsome beautiful creature, this being bearing a flaming star in his mouth. We must listen with our minds, we must listen with our hearts.

He has sent us an Angel with a star from the sky, now that Angelic Lion descends, no plummets, through the emerald ocean, lighting with cold starlight the bleached coral reefs.

He illuminates, with the chill celestial glow, the glimmering of the dying star n his mouth, he illumines the blighting of the plankton which will starve the whales, and rob us of their songs. With the embers of the star in his strong teeth, he reveals the sad stripping of the oceans’ vast supply.

He lights our likely loss, the plethora of gorgeous coloured creatures, themselves making up their own sparkling school, star-like and shining beneath the waves, the worlds’ great succession of beautiful fish.

We can hear Gods’ words whispering on the black waters’ surface, as they reflect the cold light of the stars above, and we see it roil and rage from the near-dead

star carried below, as it boils in the depths of the dark, dark, deeps.

 Oh my darlings, please hear the words, please see the sign of the stars. Por favor cuidate, please take care of your world and yourselves.

And now we see, and now we agree, what we have never wanted to admit. 

The stars are tears of God, llanto, weeping, llanto, over the way we have ruined our world, the beautiful cradle he made us, to shield us, to nurture us, for how he has loved us, his children.

Sus hijas, sus hijos.



Melissa Miles


Melissa Miles was born in the US but resides in NZ with her husband and menagerie. She is an emerging writer, and has been published this year in online magazines TerrorHousePress, Short Story Town and The Purple Wall. She has felt nurtured by the editors. She has also had a story podcast, and is in three anthologies, two by SweetyCatPress and one by Redwood Press.

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