Where My Pillow Goes



Where My Pillow Goes


They found a crater in the side of my head

where my pillow goes.


I took off my shoes and let myself cry.

You hung up my coat and rang out my eyes. 

I blew my nose into the rug

and spat in the sink.


My chest turned waterlogged and burst in my hands.

You gave me a rag and cleaned out the mess.


I tried to eat something, but dirt fell out

when I opened my mouth.

My skin started to hurt and there’s chalk in my throat.

“I don’t think I feel well.”


You put the ice back on my burnt cheeks

hid your face and lied, “you will soon.”


“But I think you should go to bed.”

My eyes knew what that meant.

Crystal Stone


Crystal Stone is a Masters student at the University of Alabama. Her academic writing has been published in the Capstone Journal of Law and Public Policy as well as El Clasifcado's SSDN and XV Magazines. 


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