Why Poetry is the Living Dead



Why Poetry Is The Living Dead



Poetry is dead

and you fuckers killed it.

Yes, you.

You, the editor who rejects new voices.

You, the reader who drinks the kool-aid

of pretentiousness.

You, the writer who keeps shitting this stuff out.

Poetry is dead,

and you fuckers killed it.

But sometimes the dead continue to live

even when they should stay dead.

I'd rather see poetry die with dignity

than squirm in pain

the way you cocksuckers are torturing it.

You, who think that "you can't be wrong when talking about


You, you lazy bastards who make us work our fingers

to the carpal tunneled nubs of bone.

You, you are the murderer,

and I am Doctor Frankenstein.

I am the mad scientist

who is smart enough to write a poem

but dumb enough to keep alive

what probably should stay dead.



James J. Jackson


James J Jackson is a poet and activist from California.  He studied English and Film at Humboldt State University and his words have been in small literary papers like The Matrix and Homeward, as well as the Sacramento News and Review, thethings.com, and In These Times.


  1. best word on poetry in some time. bravo.

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