The glow of the autumn fire emblazoned her skin with delicious warmth.  White smoke kissed her nose and eyes with passionate abandon, sucking the clean air from her lungs and sweetly stinging her eyes.  She wept.  Orange flecks glittered in her gaze, inviting her, enchanting her to touch.  Desire consumed her.  It ignited a pleasure unlike anything she’d felt before.  Its glow lapped and licked her like only a lover could, until all that remained were ash and blackened bones.


Alison Stultz

Alison Stultz is an avid lover of stories and a passion for the art of storytelling. Whether it is fiction, flash, or poetry, the challenge of conveying a story has always fascinated her.  With the help of her mentor Mark Ari, and her fellow writers at the University of North Florida, she has gained the confidence to share her work with the world and be able to publish her first professional piece with Ariel Chart. 

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