On My Pillow The Heroes Dream


On My Pillow The Heroes Dream



Who cares how someone feels

if time is my greatest knowledge of which fugitive

and I'm just asking someone to love me the way I am

in a time of anxiety and strange problems where I just wait

the unexpected


time is an ally greatest to my ego

because I believe we are all the same

and I never believed people were weird

until I realized that dreams come crashing down easily

because the hardest thing is to forgive someone


admit it can be weird when it's all gone

love fades and tears fall to the ground

and those yeasts in the evening periods my pillow

because I am the dreamer of my little happiness


I knew that love knows how to hurt

but that everything can get over somehow in time

it's as if people like me are to blame

because I'm a dead man when I don't have you

and I only dream that my happiness comes from the end of the world

because a smile is all I need now


a little hug that all wounds heal without question

and how to continue to live carefree

when this world never understood me

but I had only a little timing for everything

to ask how they are and what they are doing today

whether they are thirsty or hungry

because I feel it is my duty to perform


some ports cannot be crossed immediately

but with charity I am opening a new portal

let me learn every day

because I am only one man who was a hero

and today a forgotten trace of his life

and I can't help but complain about some of my own

because I wish I was different from everyone

and that I have some of my own fixed ideas in my head


I watch self again like never before

and I see that I have come a long way

without people understanding me why I'm doing all this

for the word has become precious

and remorse is bitter when someone is evil to me

so I reciprocate

I close the door and disappear under the veil of sunrak!

Maid Corbic

Maid Corbic from Tuzla, 21 years old. In his spare time he writes poetry that repeatedly

praised as well as rewarded. He also selflessly helps others around him, and he is moderator of the World Literature Forum WLFPH (World Literature Forum Peace and Humanity) for humanity and peace in the world.



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