my grandmother's garden


my grandmother’s garden



“We are a people. A people do not throw their geniuses away.”

                                                                 —Alice Walker 


my grandmother told me

we all proceed from forces

that moved the flowers in her garden


flowers listened to her every morning

and sometimes even in the afternoon


they had names

and the names gave them personality:

Tuca, Pepa, Daisy (who was a rose), Mila


they swayed in wind and opened

their mouths to drink both the morning dew

and my grandmother’s gentle water


the conversations seemed

to go on in cosmic soundwaves

and although I tried to find a syllable,

a resonance,  a sound to decode and make

Sense, I never succeeded


I once asked what did they say

and my grandmother told me

that they were discussing how

being alive was to strive for existence


I remained in awe


I am not sure I believe her today

but I do understand that

what makes us human

is the capacity for astonishment




Elidio La Torre Lagares


Elidio La Torre Lagares is a poet, educator and author of the well-received poetry book 'Wonderful Wasteland and Other Natural Disasters." 


  1. i like the verse where the family vibe hasn't been written by a fairy tale on lifetime tv. art needs its reality if it is going to survive this planet and travel to the cosmos.

  2. "but I do understand that

    what makes us human

    is the capacity for astonishment" Truth.

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