At the Edge of Summer



At the Edge of Summer

Today’s the last day of summer,

Tomorrow, autumn comes.

I can see glittering diamonds

In your glorious eyes.

You know, my heart never beats faster

When I see you somewhere near me,

But I feel as happy and tranquil

As I only could be.

The sky is so clear and transparent.

You are the bird with strong wings.

I look up at your flight realizing

That I only can fly in my dreams.

I know, we cannot be together,

But stronger and wiser I’ve become.

You know, even I can be happy

 Keeping one-sided love in my heart.

 So I’m stepping away, keeping distance,

Feeling awkward and joyful – that’s true.

You know, I’m still fascinated

By living in the same world as you.



Olga Leontieva

Olga Leontieva is an English and Japanese language teacher in Kyiv, Ukraine. In 2021, her poems, written in Ukrainian, Russian and English were published in two almanacs ("Horizons" and "Book with a Coffee Flavor") by the Ukrainian publishing house "Lilia"."


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