Butterflies and Lavender

Butterflies and Lavender


Butterflies and lavender,

Midsummer dreams,

Expectations of wonders

In buzzing of bees…

Future is secret, Past is revealed,

Present is here, Present's a gift.

My soul's getting softer

Under the Sun.

Enjoying the silence

I’m feeling calm.

Peace like a river

Flows into my heart,

Over the flowers

Floats fragrance of love.

Future is hidden, Past has gone by,

Present is here, Present is now.


Olga Leontieva


Olga Leontieva is an English and Japanese language teacher in Kyiv, Ukraine. In 2021, her poems, written in Ukrainian, Russian and English were published in two almanacs ("Horizons" and "Book with a Coffee Flavor") by the Ukrainian publishing house "Lilia"."


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