The Red Rose Outside My Window


The Red Rose Outside My Window


Cast out from love, too numb to feel
She, too, has forgotten what's real
She shares with me a deep sorrow
The red rose outside my window

No one to touch her fragile face
No one to praise her charming grace
We're bound to stay, neither can go
Me and the rose out my window

She'll perish if I take her in
And I can't bear my own chagrin
She falls as the wind starts to blow
And we fly far from that window...


Niloufar Behrooz


Niloufar Behrooz is lecturer in English Literature at the University of Isfahan, Iran. Her work has appeared in Raintown Review, Classical Poets Society, Lighten Up Online, Parody, Loch Raven Review, Literary Hatchet, Litro, World Haiku Review and elsewhere. You can find her on Instagram @niloufarbehrooz

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