Amour Fou


Amour Fou


As your cancerous blood infects my veins

My soul trembles inside its fragile frame

Your progressing tumor within me reigns

I seize with the mere mention of your name.


I'm that slanted birch in grandma's backyard

Your seasonal storms shake me to my roots

The trauma of our spring has left me scarred

I've lost my center, all my absolutes.


You're the plague and I'm a third world nation

I've searched the globe for the obsolete cure

But you've already picked a carnation

And buried me alive in the old moor.


You have my panacea in your eyes

Yet you always deliver my demise

Niloufar Behrooz

Niloufar Behrooz is lecturer in English Literature at the University of Isfahan, Iran. Her work has appeared in Raintown Review, Classical Poets Society, Lighten Up Online, Parody, Loch Raven Review, Literary Hatchet, Litro, World Haiku Review and elsewhere. You can find her on Instagram @niloufarbehrooz



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