My Life As a Tree

My Life as a Tree

Amongst the loquacious willows
I stand tall, handsome, evergreen.
From up here no one but me knows
The wonders and beauties I've seen.

I live by the softhearted brook
Whose dulcet streaming strokes the ear.
I see in her face how I look,
She reflects my posture so clear.

A robin keeps me company,
She starts chirping when I get sad.
She's built her home inside of me,
And for that I am very glad.

And then there's “her,” 10 feet away,
The finest ash one could behold.
With every breeze she tends to sway
To flaunt her leaves shining green gold.

I'd walk a million miles for her,
But I can't even move my feet.
My rooted toes bind and deter.
As long as we live we can't meet.



Niloufar Behrooz



Niloufar Behrooz is lecturer in English Literature at the University of Isfahan, Iran. Her work has appeared in Raintown Review, Classical Poets Society, Lighten Up Online, Parody, Loch Raven Review, Literary Hatchet, Litro, World Haiku Review and elsewhere. You can find her on Instagram @niloufarbehrooz


  1. poetry can capture beauty in such a way that it seems the moment lives again.

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