Almost Awake


Almost Awake   


In the border between 

Almost awake 

And almost asleep 

Dreams come to me 

Colors vivid  

Inscrutable as a Dali painting   


Often lost 

In some unknown city 

Riding a bus 

Trying to get back 

Searching for a landmark  

That never comes 


Asking directions 

From faceless people 

Sending me down dark hallways 

Into strange houses 

Through one door 

Out another 

Passing from one story to another 

Evermore lost 


The border collapses 

I awake with a start 

Still in my bed 

Or sleeping 


Trying to find my way 




Michael De Rosa


Michael De Rosa is a writer from Wallingford, PA, recently retired as a professor (emeritus) of chemistry at Penn State Brandywine. Interests are travel, photography, and birding. The writer has published a short non-fiction piece “Boiled in Blood” in Ariel Chart and a poem "Ten Years Old Again" in Trouvaille Review. 


  1. "Asking directions
    From faceless people " Here's my favorite image from your terrific poem

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