Old Shirt




Old Shirt 


I hold in my hands  

A checkered blue and black flannel shirt 

My mind floods with memories 

Of trips taken together 

Bought in Canada half a century ago 

First worn as we canoed the Matagami River 


Now, fabric tattered 

The blue faded but was still bright inside 

Unlike me 

Faded inside and out 


Before I throw you away 

I look  

At one of my favorite photos 

My wife and me overlooking Machu Picchu 

Our backs to the camera 


Wearing you 

Both of us still bright 

Next to me, my wife 

Wearing a red blouse  

Her hair long the way I loved it 

Tied in a long ponytail 


Holding hands gazing out towards 

The Andes Mountains towering 

Over the Valley  

The past behind us 

Looking out wondering  

What the future will bring. 

Michael De Rosa


Michael De Rosa is a writer from Wallingford, PA, recently retired as a professor (emeritus) of chemistry at Penn State Brandywine. Interests are travel, photography, and birding. The writer has published a short non-fiction piece “Boiled in Blood” in Ariel Chart and a poem "Ten Years Old Again" in Trouvaille Review. 



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