“Allah the merciful,” Malem wailed. “Bombs destroyed the children’s schoolhouse. Nothing remains but rubble. Inshallah. Why did you take the innocents?” Paul Scerri

Emptiness brought unendurable anguish. His soul wept. Unanswered prayers were like an empty well with no water. Wrinkled fingers touched his tearful eyes. He kicked a shattered brick.

Faith failed and bitterness lingered like an unwanted shadow. How did religion lose its meaning? Crippling doubt destroyed his beliefs.

He fell to his knees, raised two fists full of sand, and watched the tiny grains fall like the children he failed to save. “I shall pray no more.”


Victor Paul Scerri

Victor Paul Scerri lives in Thailand. New to writing, Victor's "Wall" was recently published by Flash Fiction Friday.

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