In the Beauty of the Day



 In the Beauty of the Day



Earlier, the sea had reflected

that morning's stained glass sky.


When the Artist created His work,

above Chartres door?


did He swim in the beauty

of its colour?


Now, the evening sky is a wash

of pastels before blackness


counterpanes Nicotiana that holds night's

scents in white petals,


stars snagged from the sky


Donna McDougall

Donna McDougall lives in a small town in Ontario, Canada where she
maintains an essential connection with Nature by hiking, kayaking and
swimming,(not just when the kayak overturns.). This is her first
attempt to share her poetry.


  1. this is my definition of poetry. insightful instead of inciteful. need more.

    1. Thank you. Nature inspires art and so much more.

  2. A lovely piece. From Linda

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